A Late Birthday Present





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  1. haan says:

    hi, good luck! did they send u a few questions and u answered via email first, then tel interview, then face-to-face interview? last time my tel interview was skipped.

    i guess u might be meeting with Glenn (GM), Steven (tech lead) or Brian (CEO). all of them are nice. just be confident when u talk. this alone gives u a lot of marks. u should have known the western very well :)

    good luck and keep me updated..

    last time actually Brian asked me if i wanted to directly start work after the interview… but i said nope.. better wait till the next monday..

  2. Jeffrey says:



  3. haan says:

    nah i didn’t delete the post, it will come back some time later. i made it a scheduled post.. to be posted later.. should not be today (made an error before).

    yea brian is the managing director.. he called me too in the past. i hope to hear from u again soon after ur interview. wait for ur good news! yea, FYI, brian is an irish!

  4. haan says:

    no jeans and t-shirt la, of course..

    smart casual is ok..

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  6. mottadd says:


  7. hino says:


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